2015/16 Volunteer of the Year!


Not only is she an amazingly talented and successful writer, but Stacey Matson is the 2015/16 Writers' Exchange Volunteer of the Year! (Much fanfare).

Stacy has been reliably and consistently volunteering for AGES with in-school, after-school and summer programs. Thursdays at 881 are always a blast because we know Stacey will be there, and we learned so much about Winter Animals at the Florence Nightingale in-school program with her help. On top of all of that, Stacey was the voice of Writers' Exchange, being interviewed on Roundhouse Radio, telling the masses all about volunteering with WE and why it’s so awesome, fun and important. You can find that interview here.

Photo by Joe Sales
You’d think that with how generous Stacey is when sharing her time with the Writers' Exchange, she would be totally booked. With all this going on, Stacey has also published two successful and award-winning young adult novels (A Year in the Life of a Total and Complete Genius and Scenes from the Epic Life of a Total Genius), with a third, Notes from the ----- Life of a Total Genius, arriving later this fall! 

Thanks, Stacey, for everything you do for us and the kids!

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