And the Winners Are… The Writers’ Exchange Kids!

photo by Grady Mitchell

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to play the Hastings Hole-in-One this past weekend! The event raised almost $10,000, with all proceeds going to fun summer literacy programs for 400 inner-city kids at the Writers’ Exchange, so the REAL winners are the Writers’ Exchange kids.

But more importantly (and the secret intention of the event), running a storybook-themed mini-golf course was an awesome opportunity to introduce more people to the crazy, elaborate types of literacy activities that we do every week to get kids excited about reading and writing, AND to recruit new volunteers to work with the kids this summer! If you thought mini-golf was fun, you should see what we have planned for the kids the summer! Sign up to volunteer to find out and help out! You can volunteer as an individual or with your work!

And the TOURNAMENT Winners Are…

Congrats to the Juice Truck team, who won the Pagemasters Putt Putt Championship on Friday night, but who generously donated their trophy to the winner of the kids’ tournament.

photo by Grady Mitchell

The winners of the friends’ tournament were:
1st (Sea to Sky Gondola tickets): Team “It’s Fun!!”
2nd (yom yom at Red Wagon): Team “Chip and Run”
3rd (bowling at the Commodore): Team “Any Hole’s a Goal”

photo by Grady Mitchell

Winners of the kids and families’ tournament have been informed in person and are thrilled with their prizes—Playland tickets, Science World tickets, bowling at the Commodore, sunglasses from Sons + Daughters and Best Buy gift cards!


Course Walk Through

Whether you had to miss the event or want to relive every minute of it, here’s a rundown of the whole mini-golf experience:


First, you’d grab a club and ball, super generously loaned to us from the PNE, and transported thanks to car-share credits from Modo!

Then you’d grab a score card any any other merch you’d need on the green, all printed thanks to East Van Graphics and designed by super-talented Claire Balderston.

Hole # 1 might have been the hardest! You had to get your ball past the swinging Max, all thanks to RJC Engineers for sponsoring this hole!

Then you rolled on down the green at hole # 2, sponsored by our friends at TELUS, who also give a grant for our summer programs!

At hole # 3, you had to avoid getting egg on your face! This hole was themed after a classic book and sponsored by a book that will become a classic: The Mercy Journals, by longtime WE supporter Claudia Casper.

The kids knew these characters well (Piggie and Elephant, of course!), but their parents didn’t. Hole # 4 was tricky but fun and sponsored by Kidsbooks, who DEFINITELY know who these guys are!

This laaaazy cat at hole # 5 was brought to you by the hard workers of Vancity!

You had to swing away to get your ball under the swinging arms of Mr. Tickle at hole # 6, sponsored by Best Buy.

Hopefully your golf game would be be ON FIRE (in a good way) at hole # 7, sponsored by our buds at RBC.

RBC also sponsored the wandering Waldo at hole # 8…

AND RBC sent a crew of amazing volunteers to pose for amazing photos (and to help with real tasks, like making sure everyone knew how to golf!).

Hole #9 was one of the hardest to photograph AND play, which may have driven people to the Storm Crow Alehouse after they were done playing!

All of the amazing cutouts were printed by Still Creek Press (THANK YOU GUYS!) and prepped by Ellen Lee, who also designed the signage at the event.

Golf music was only possible thanks to Long & McQuade, amazing supporters of kids + music. (It’s really hard to take a photo of music, okay??)

This crew from Quietly volunteers with the kids AND they volunteered at the event AND played golf. Generous/talented much??

The team from No Frills might not have actually won the trophy, but they are forever winners in our hearts for providing AND COOKING all of the food and non-booze drinks.

Projects in Place Society helped make the dream of the course into a reality, but the golf course absolutely positively would not have been possible without the amazing people of Team Depot, who slaved away in the heat to build the course, and the Home Depot on Terminal Avenue, who provided the supplies. We cannot say enough good things about these people, especially Jim, who spearheaded the charge and who didn’t take a day off for three weeks because he worked on the course during all of his days off. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

Of course, this event would have been totally lame if no one showed up, so thank you SO MUCH to Ken and Lizzy from Here There for co-producing this event with us, and doing everything from bringing out so many new faces to building this course into the beautiful, magical experience that it was.