Books We Love

Very generous people often ask us if they can donate books to the kids. Our answer is always YES! In case you've been wondering what kind of books the kids gravitate towards, here is a little guide to book buying for the kids at the Writers' Exchange.


Books like the Elephant and Piggie series are great because volunteer mentors and the kids can choose characters to be and read with each other. The amount of text and size of the font on each page is also perfect. All of the kids are confident that they can read these great books.

Here is an example of a book that is too intimidating for the kids. Even though we have readers of all ages and abilities, the amount of text on this page stops even the most advanced readers from giving it a chance.

A lot of the kids love to read non-fiction books. This National Geographic book is a huge hit because of the Angry Birds that travel through the pages and tell the kids interesting facts about the animals. The bright colours and bubble letters also make this a popular read.

Graphic novels and comic books are always in demand. The kids love everything from traditional Marvel characters to graphic novel–style books like the one pictured here, titled, Earthling! We constantly get requests for "more books like this one!"

When picking books for the Writers' Exchange kids, remember that they give a book about 5 seconds to win them over. But, when they find a book or series they like, they will devour it over and over and over again.

If you would like to donate some gently used or new books to the kids at the Writers' Exchange, please let us know by emailing Sarah at 

If you'd like to help the kids choose books and learn to fall in love with reading, sign up to volunteer here.