Writers' Exchange Volunteer Showcase - Christina Singh

We are happy to introduce the super-fun and super-hilarious Christina! For more than two years, Christina has volunteered with our after-school programs (at BOTH locations), in addition to helping out with WE’s awesome summer programs. This summer, she joined our field-trip program and adventured all over the Lower Mainland (the brave kids and literacy mentors even went up to the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola!).




How is Writers’ Exchange important to you?

Writers’ Exchange is an amazing place, where kids can come in and truly let their stresses of life go, as well as their creative minds. As an aspiring inner city–school psychologist, after-school/in-school initiatives like Writers’ Exchange are so important to me, and others, as this organization provides an awesome look into how inner-city programs can benefit a community and an array of kids!

What was it like getting started volunteering with Writers’ Exchange?

Getting started with Writers’ Exchange was pretty smooth sailing. The volunteer orientation was super positive and enjoyable. Then, I found that introducing myself to the kids and being super open-minded and friendly eventually led the kids to feel comfortable around me. This was followed by my consistent attendance for the first few months (and onwards), which, in-turn, benefited the kids with a reliable mentor.

What have been your favourite programs and ways of interacting with the kids?

I’ve always loved adventures and art, and within Writers’ Exchange, I’ve been able to experience these interests together, with amazing students! Whether it be going on cool adventures around Greater Vancouver, making alternate superhero identities or building our own secret societies, seeing how these kids have an endless supply of imagination has me feeling so awe-inspired by the programs and the kids’ talent.

Have you learned anything about yourself through Writers’ Exchange?

I have most certainly learned the art of patience! Patience is key when it comes to working with kids. It’s always interesting spending your week surrounded by adults, and some days even stuck in mundane adult conversations. But then you get to Writers’ Exchange, you hear the kids’ hilarious, free-spirited and outrageous commentary, and it really does put your own life on hold. Every time I go to Writers’ Exchange, I am reminded not to take life so seriously. Writers’ Exchange kind of lets you time-travel back to when you were a kid, which really puts things into perspective and lets me carry on a free-spirited, light-hearted and forever-curious mindset!


Want to become one of Writers' Exchange awesome Literacy Mentors? Check out: vancouverwe.com/volunteer