Food-Writing Fun

The Writers’ Exchange kids had a special treat yesterday as they peered inside the world of food critiquing. Alexandra Gill, food writer for the Globe and Mail, fascinated and impressed the grade 4 to 7 after-school group with a fun, educational and tasty activity!
In a “taste buds”-on approach, Alexandra took the kids through a creative program teaching them how to describe their senses. After learning about the different types of taste with items such as baker’s chocolate (to understand bitter) and lemons (to show how sour is different), the kids ignited their imaginations as they wrote a food critique of their own.
Each kid was given an apple and was able to write about the way it looked, smelt, felt, sounded and tasted. From looking like a galaxy or an image of heart once sliced open, to sounding like a creaky door when biting into it, the kids had a blast coming up with creative ways of describing their afternoon snack.
Alexandra has been a wonderful friend of the Writers’ Exchange for many years now and we are so glad she was able to join us at our new location. All the kids, volunteers and staff send a big thank-you to Alexandra for continuing to donate her time and experience in our programs—we can’t wait to see her again!