Now Accepting Submissions from Grown Ups!


The Writers’ Exchange is accepting submissions from the adults in the WE universe of short stories, excerpts, poems, cool activities you completed yourself when volunteering with the kids—whatever writing form you wish—to be published in our special-edition Grown-Ups’ Book! With a maximum of 500 words, you can submit new or previously published writing on any topic. Submissions don’t need to be children’s stories, but we do ask that you keep pieces within the guidelines of what we deem appropriate content for the kids’ books (has to be appropriate for a grade 3 and a grandma to read). As with the kids’ books, all work will be edited for grammar and understanding prior to publication.


Being part of the Writers’ Exchange community is about so much more than the awesome kids and good feelings. It’s about a love of literacy and soaking up those endless imaginations. It’s about sharing what you love with others. Now WE wants to give you an opportunity to share your imagination with the community.


Send your writing in a Word document format to prior to January 23, 2017. MONDAY, JANUARY, 30 (extended deadline).

Happy writing!

Grown-Ups’ Book Publication Coordinator

The fine print: In submitting a piece of writing or art, you are agreeing to grant the Writers' Exchange Society first North American serial rights for original work, and second or third serial rights for your previously published work (including work published on the internet), and also non-exclusive electronic rights to publish the piece on the internet (on the Writers' Exchange website and/or in an online version of the publication.) You retain all other rights to the work. You must be 18+ to give us permission to publish your work, so if you are a high school volunteer or donor, let us know and we’ll make sure we get your parents’ permission as well before we publish your work.