Online Resources

We have included in this library of resources for literacy mentors a selection of online sources that will help you learn more about how best to support inner-city kids. Happy reading!

BC Early Development Instrument Data

The Early Development Instrument (EDI) is a questionnaire used province-wide to measure patterns and trends in children’s developmental health. The Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) has been collecting EDI data since 2001 and over the course of this period, they have collected data for over 245,000 kindergarten children in BC.  This has created an important foundation for a population health monitoring system that supports an increased understanding of children’s early developmental outcomes over time and across geographies.

Social and Emotional Learning Resources from UBC's Faculty of Education

Promoting social and emotional learning has become a major focus in schools and youth-serving organizations. Research continues to document the value of such training for both academic and life success. The Resource Finder provides a variety of resources to help you learn about SEL, apply teaching methods and assess your efforts.

Mental Health Learning Resources from UBC's Faculty of Education

By learning about mental health (MH) and well-being and supporting children who experience mental health difficulties, adults will be better able to create contexts and classrooms in which children feel safe seeking help when needed and in which biases and stigmas are reduced, enhancing children’s feelings of acceptance, belonging and well-being.