Secret Photo Club!

Secret Photo Club is not like Fight Club. You can talk about Secret Photo Club. But the photos taken during this summer's Secret Photo Club were secrets until the very end of the program because the kids used disposable cameras to take the pics. 

With a different theme each week, the kids took photos around the neighbourhood and then wrote about what they photographed, thanks to the help of their amazing volunteer mentors.
The film was developed and photos were printed thanks to our friends at The Lab, who VERY generously donated all of the developing AND put all of the kids' cameras back together, as the kids had worked hard to design their cameras and wanted them back, to use as fake cameras. The secrets were all worth it, as the kids were BLOWN AWAY by their photos—the photos that THEY had taken. And they LOVED seeing the negatives. (Favourite kid quote, while looking at herself in the negatives: "Why is my hair all white? AM I AN OLD WOMAN???")
The kids combined their photos and writing into personalized photo books of their summer adventures, which (they say) they'll treasure forever.
If this sounds like a lot of fun to you, consider volunteering for fall programs, where kids can only do fun literacy activities like this because of support from awesome volunteer mentors!