Writers’ Exchange Volunteer Showcase - Jane Conroy

Bringing the sunshine to our next spotlight is volunteer extraordinaire Jane. Current volunteers might know Jane from her frequent presence at our home base or her moderating role for many of our peer-support nights. Jane recently moved to Vancouver from England, and we're thrilled that Jane's been with us for a long while now. We're happy to share her thoughts on volunteering. Check it out!



What was it like getting started volunteering with Writers' Exchange?

It was scary for me starting to volunteer at WE, as I hadn't had any experiences with kids in Canada. It took them a little while to get used to my English phrases. They often asked me to repeat things again, thinking some of the words I use are funny. We laughed about them together.

What have been your favourite programs?

One of my favourite experiences has been when the pets came to visit. Especially the chickens! I enjoy the hands-on activities like cooking. It gave the kids an incentive to do some writing before they cooked.

How is Writers' Exchange important to you?

It has become more important to me as the months have gone by. I have got to know the children and realize that volunteering with them and being there each week makes a positive difference.

Any memorable connections with the kids?

We were talking about football—or should I say “soccer”—one time, and I'm familiar with the game. I replied to a comment from one of the children, who then said, "Hey, she knows about soccer. That's awesome." All the years of watching soccer paid off!