SPRING into Volunteering!

Gearing up for our spring term, we’re putting cold snaps behind us—come April, we’ll shake the snow out of our systems and get our green on and head outside for many programs! If you haven’t had the chance to get involved with some of our delightful in-school and after-school programs, well, you just won the seasonal lottery: now’s your chance!

Wondering what you’ll get up to while volunteering this spring? Here’s an example of a fun after-school program from a past spring:


In this program, the kids read a special story that we wrote for them where they were the main character. Unfortunately, their character was kidnapped while on a spy mission! Their arms and legs were tied (in the story). The only way the could free themselves was to get a “key” onto a toothpick using just their mouths (in real life). They also had to solve puzzles and carefully aim water balloons to escape their kidnappers. Once their mission was complete (and all keys were eaten), they wrote mission reports about their harrowing adventures. Volunteers helped the kids with every step of the process, from reading clues to writing stories, and volunteers got to eat the leftover sour keys!

And here’s a day when everything was BUBBLE themed! Bubble letters, bubble stories and, of course, bubbles.


And here’s how stoked the kids are to work with you!


Here’s everything you need to know about signing up to make this spring awesome—for the kids and yourself!

Dates and Details

Monday, February 27th is the deadline for new volunteers to apply for the spring term. Visit our volunteer page and complete the application form. Please note we require a police record check and two references.

All after-school programs run from April to mid-June. In-school programs will run for four weeks or so. To ensure that the kids get the best possible experience, volunteers must be able to commit to the full duration of these programs.

Confirmation of specific details for our programs with our partner schools and organizations is ongoing. After you’ve attended a volunteer orientation and we have confirmed our spring program list, you will receive an e-mail with all of the details.