An EXCLUSIVE evening of WE storytelling!

On Monday, November 20, Winston (WE mentor / host of momondays Vancouver) will host a private momondays-style story night for Writers' Exchange staff, volunteers and our friends/families at XY in the West End.

A lineup of WE staff and volunteers will take to the stage for ten minutes each to share life-changing moments in their lives, and ALL WE volunteers will get a drink on us! (Plus discounted drinks after that!).

Seven years ago, Tara's grandmother suffered a series of strokes that resulted in her experiencing a degenerative loss of memory and mental capacity. Now at 103-years-old, she no longer has the ability to speak coherently or carry out her daily routine independently. 

The process of witnessing and helping to care for her grandmother has allowed Tara to delve deeply into the nature of familial intimacy, the endurance of identity and agency, and, above all, the dignity of aging.

On November 20th come experience Tara’s story of how through her grandmother she has learned the resilience of the human spirit; despite losing words, memories, and even complex cognitive abilities, an individual can still live each day with hope, love, and their essential self intact.  

Bad stuff happened, good stuff happened, worse stuff happened, then reluctant acceptance and now Brad is willing to tell the story of it all. While it may not help you understand some cosmic implications, but it will help on an interpersonal level and to understand why he is so amazing & brilliant and why he appears strange and introverted... all due to an accident which was trivial at the time. 

On November 20th Brad will share a humorous tale, with empathy and a healthy dose of cynicism, for you to take something from it. “I have not figured it out so I won't expect you to have!” 

When Sarah's daughter was born, she fell into immediate postpartum depression. To fight this depression she decided to do #100happydays, where she'd post one picture + one positive thing that happened EVERY day, no matter how bad the day seemed. But the universe lined up a whole bunch of bad things to throw her way, and still, she kept looking for positivity.

On November 20th Sarah shares her experience of learning to find something positive in any situation and that if you keep doing that, you can become a more positive person overall.

Ella believes that it is the people in your life that inspire change, so her story is about when she met Sarah. 

Sarah was the girl whose eyeliner was never a streak out of place, who wore cool clothes and even cooler shoes but never made you feel like you were lesser than. Sarah helped Ella find her own in a city full of pretentious hipsters and eventually became the one person Ella could tell anything to without judgment, however, even Sarah wasn't invincible.

On November 20th come experience Ella’s story of how bad things can happen to the best people, but all we can do is try our best to make each day a little easier for ourselves and for others. And sometimes it is the little acts of kindness and gestures of care that mean the most.

Navin is a 20-year-old musician who is studying to become a Music Therapist. In 2014, his mother passed away after two years of battling cancer. Since then, trauma, grief, connection and self-discovery have become a pivotal aspect of his life. He has found refuge in the healing process of musical composition, writing, meditation and self-introspection.

On November 20th Navin shares his experience of how he learned to stand directly against fear and be vulnerable, for vulnerability is not a weakness, but rather it is one of our greatest strengths. “The only thing holding you back from yourself, is yourself!”
November 20, 2017 at 6:30pm - 9pm
1216 Bute St
Vancouver, BC V6E 1Z8
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Sarah Jane Hamilton · · 6044288228

Will you come?