We've Become an Independent Charity!

We're always thinking about how we can spend more time doing what we care about most—providing unique, exciting literacy programs for Vancouver’s inner-city kids. Since starting in 2011 with 175 kids, we have grown to support more than 750 kids each year with the help of 150 active volunteer mentors and a budget of $380,000. That's a lot of growth, so we've decided that it’s time for us to spread our wings and fly out on our own.

We are excited to announce we have become an independent charity! This new direction will help grow our programs and better serve the unique needs of the kids and their families.

We are so grateful to Tides Canada, who brought us on as a project in 2012 and supported us with their shared administrative platform during our early growth. Tides Canada is supportive of our decision and has worked closely with us to successfully transition all activities and donations to the Writers’ Exchange Society as of July 1, 2016.

You probably have questions about the transition, so we have detailed the most important points below:

Why did the Writers’ Exchange become a registered charity?

  • To operate more effectively and better deliver our mission of getting inner-city kids excited about reading and writing! As a registered charity, we have greater ability to manage the administrative systems and costs required to build the best base possible for growing our programs.

Will Tides Canada no longer fund you?

  • Tides Canada has never been a Writers’ Exchange funder. The Writers' Exchange was a project of Tides Canada, and Tides Canada allocated 10% of Writers' Exchange project revenues to contribute to shared overhead costs of all Tides projects.

How will this transition change the programs offered? Will it impact the children and families?

  • It won’t. The Writers’ Exchange will continue to provide the same high-quality, creative and wacky programs that we have always offered. Programs will continue to be free and will grow to reach even more children and families each year!

What will change because of this transition?

  • The mission and programs of the Writers’ Exchange will continue as before, but they will now be supported by a new internal administrative structure. We will have our own board of directors and we will be using new systems in our accounting, HR, and fundraising activities. And now, instead of Writers’ Exchange contributing 10% of donations to the Tides Canada shared platform, the Writers' Exchange Society will control 100% of all donations! You will likely not notice any changes in your day-to-day dealing with the Writers’ Exchange.

How will this transition enhance the work of the Writers’ Exchange?

  • The Writers’ Exchange board of directors and the leadership staff will now have more autonomy over our administrative structure, so that the way we do business matches our innovative and creative way of running programs. Having the best administrative structure possible will strengthen our capacity to grow sustainably.

What does this mean for my donations? Will the process for donating change?

  • Your donations will continue to fund the programs you know and love, including after-school, in-schools and summer breaktime.
  • The biggest change for donors will be that as of July 1, 2016, your donations will be made directly to our new charitable organization: The Writers’ Exchange Society.
  • When you donate online, you will be seamlessly linked to our new donation system.
  • When you donate by cheque, you can make the donation to "The Writers’ Exchange Society" and send directly to: 

The Writers’ Exchange Society
881 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 1R8.

What if I have already sent my donation to Tides Canada for the Writers’ Exchange?

  • Donations dated before July 1, 2016, were specifically designated to the Writers’ Exchange and were either used to support Writers' Exchange activities or transferred to the Writers’ Exchange Society. Tides Canada will return any donations for the Writers' Exchange project dated after July 1, 2016, and will request they be redirected the Writers’ Exchange Society.

Will I still be able to get a tax receipt for my donation?

  • Yes! Your donations to the Writers’ Exchange Society will receive a charitable tax receipt. Our new charitable number is 79504 5095 RR0001.

We welcome your comments and questions. You can contact Sarah Maitland any time at smaitland@vancouverwe.com or 604-428-8228.

We’re excited to be on the next phase of our journey with you!