Writers’ Exchange Volunteer Showcase


A Series by Mike, Writers’ Exchange Volunteer

A garden just around the corner from my home is the envy of every green thumb in the neighbourhood. I don’t know much about gardening. I would have imagined it difficult to sustain an environment that fosters so many different living things in a single space, had I not begun volunteering with Writers’ Exchange.

Writers’ Exchange not only brings together more kinds of volunteers, kids, and creativity than a jumbo Crayola set, but in doing so, it thrives. In celebration of the rich diversity of our programs, and the exceptional humans who make it happen, and only slightly to show up the neighbourhood prize garden, I’d like to showcase some of WE’s own colourful cast of carbon-based life forms.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll meet a few friendly faces who shared their thoughts on volunteering with Writers’ Exchange. 


Amandine Clairo

Why do you volunteer?

WE is a tremendously fulfilling part of my week. I get the privilege of spending time with this awesome group of kids to read, play and be creative together. I've been with the same classroom for the past two plus years [as part of the Writers’ Room after-school program at Queen Alexandra Elementary School], so I've been able to witness shy kids grow in confidence and bold kids grow in kindness as our group knits together and evolves. As kids age out of the classroom I get to know their younger siblings and friends, and I still run into my original crew on the playground, so I feel like a part of the larger community of the school. Spending time with kids reminds me to be honest, open and creative. 

What is one thing you would like people to know about you?

When I was little I thought that if I was made Ruler of The World, I would make everyone keep their household garbage in their yard for one year before it could be taken to a landfill. I'd make some amendments to that idea now, but I still agree with the root concept. I have always thought it's a strange and detached system to have our garbage just *magically* disappear. Changing consumer habits and industry standards to focus on less and more recyclable packaging (and just less consumption in general) are initiatives that get me jazzed.