Writers’ Exchange Volunteer Showcase - Taylor Johnson

A Series by Mike, Writers’ Exchange Volunteer

Writers’ Exchange volunteers are kicking into high gear again, with an awesome array of spring programs just starting, each with a wonderful and wacky cast of kids. In the spirit of our Volunteer Showcase, the next volunteer we’d like to share with you is Taylor Johnson. Taylor volunteers every week with our after-school programs at Queen Alexandra Elementary. Outside of the Writers’ Exchange, he writes as much as humanly possible. He recently wrote and directed a short film and completed a text-based video game for a competition. He loves stories and will jump at any opportunity to tell one. 

He had this to say in response to a few questions:


Why do you like volunteering with WE?

Volunteering for the Writers’ Exchange is such an amazing and energizing part of my week that I’m constantly looking forward to. It’s awesome to have a regular chunk of time where you can have fun, be silly, and help make a kid’s homework seem a little less scary. As a relatively new Vancouverite, I wanted to find a way to help out my new city and I can’t recommend WE enough.

Have you learned anything about yourself through Writers’ Exchange?

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is to embrace a bit of chaos during an activity. At first, I had a game plan that I was going to stick to no matter what, but I quickly found that shutting down ideas gets you nowhere. Once I saw what other volunteers were doing and let go of that rigidity, the amount of fun the kids had, and the amount of work that got done, went up and up.

What kinds of things have you and the kids done in the most recent after-school programs you’ve been volunteering with?

Most recently we’ve written epic tales of a siege-laden marshmallow castle, designed and flown high-tech paper airplanes, concocted 'eye spy' scenarios that baffled the most astute searchers, and solved the case of the mysterious jellybeans.

…and a fun fact about Taylor is:

When I was a kid, I used to memorize entire movies and recite them for my friends at recess. I’d take requests and try to get the character voices as close as I could!


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