Weird and Wacky Comics Workshop

Last week, the Writers’ Exchange went on a field trip to one of our favourite KidSafe sites to create comics with five amazing professional comics artists.

The workshop was run by a familiar face—Veronica, an awesome volunteer mentor who has been creating comics with a small group of kids since January—but the other faces were new, so the artist introduced themselves:

Rob Sales attempted to impress the kids by mentioning his work for My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop, which led some of the boys to heckle him, which he handled like a pro, calling them out for bullying, and then he further won them over by sharing his drawings from Superman and Monsters.

Zoe Sofia, a student at Emily Carr, showed the kids some beautiful handmade books and intricate drawings.

Pia Guerra couldn't show her book Y: The Last Man (which won the Eisner Award, the “Oscar of the Comic World”) because it contains swearing, but she did share a Superman comic and Lisa Simpson comic, and told us all about the many roles involved in creating a comic collaboratively.

Tony Cliff shared his all-ages series, Delilah Dirk, which chronicles the exciting adventures of a British girl in the early 19th century.

Finally, James Lloyd surprised the kids by drawing a “soup can” that turned into Bart Simpson—a character he often draws for the Simpsons comic series.

Then the kids got into groups, each with a different artist, and got to work writing comics using characters (busker), character traits (lazy) and super powers (super stretchy cheeks) pulled from hats. Each group attacked the task differently and produced weird and wacky comics.

Over the two hours, the kids learned how to draw like pros, craft visual stories, make money doing what you love and work together.

At the end of the workshop, the kids got to take home a zine of their collaborate comic, and brand-new comics donated by Golden Age Collectables.

Check out the photos of the fun, and thanks so much to everyone who participated in this super awesome workshop!