After-School Programs

In our after-school programs, kids complete fun reading and writing projects with volunteer mentors.

A typical day at one of our after-school programs looks something like this:

Game time and snack time!
When the kids first arrive, they spend time getting their sillies out, visiting with the volunteers and eating healthy snacks. The kids can raid the boardgames cupboard and challenge the volunteers to a game of Bananagrams, or grab a joke book from the bookshelves and crack everyone up.

Homework or reading time
During this time, the kids settle down and work with their volunteer mentors to achieve their homework goals. This might mean finishing their assignment within their time at the Writers’ Exchange or it might mean understanding their homework well enough to be able to finish it at home. Once homework is done, or if they weren’t assigned any, the kids quietly read with a mentor.

Project time
Every week, we work on a new, fun creative writing project, or expand on the project we’ve been working on all term. Examples of one-week projects include incorporating items from a scavenger hunt into crazy stories; making and writing about yummy treats; and bringing mini-pumpkins to life by crafting costumes for them, and making up names, problems and fears for each pumpkin character. Term-long projects include writing, creating costumes and sets for, and starring in green-screen drams; creating a book using just a typewriter; and producing an online magazine.

To register your child for after-school or break-time programs, please email Jennifer MacLeod, Programs Director, at


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